Building Kevin's new machine - Paint & Finish


This is the monitor that was sent from Pappy, and the keyboard given to me by AceHigh, members of  A black Dell 17" Trinitron monitor, and a Micro Innovations 108-key keyboard - or at least the outer casings of both of them.  I have big plans for these two. 



After taking the keyboard apart, I discovered that it was not assembled in the usual way.  So rather than masking off all of the keys and not getting a consistent paint job, I decided to simply remove the keys, at my pal Jim's suggestion.  Yes, I took a picture of the keyboard for reference to get this sucker all back together in the right places.

After I primed the pieces, the pieces towards the front needed to be pained orange... Chevrolet Orange, to be exact.  So I painted the top of the keyboard and the front bezel of the monitor first.


After the orange, it was time to put down some of the metallic blue from the now famous paint job of the #24 car.  Since I had sand-blasted the bottom of the chassis, I primed and painted the blue base coat.  I had also shot the back half of the monitor and bottom half of the keyboard cover as well, but it looks like I forgot to take pictures of them.

The wheels needed paint as well, since they came in a lovely shade of barf yellow.  I simply masked off the pre-mounted tire surfaces and shot the black glossy enamel.

Since the CD-ROM was going to be hanging out of the driver's side of the car at the bottom part of the body, I needed to toss on some orange in hopes to blend in a little better than basic black.  I masked off everything except the drive door, including the activity LED in the drive door.  I also rolled up a small piece of tape and crammed into the manual release port of the door, to prevent overspray from sneaking in and messing up the drive optics.

Here's where the idea of painting the underside of the chassis pays off.  I masked off and sprayed some Chevy Orange flames, to bring the bottom of the chassis along with the rest of the paint job theme.  To tighten up the flames, my wife picked up some of those 'Shake -n- Paint' pens in gold... they did the trick.  A nice big '24' decal would finish this off, but I didn't get a picture of it either.


Here's the monitor all painted and reassembled.  Turned out pretty cool.  The keyboard had already been put back into its box for protection at this point.

And finally, here's the body with all the paint laid down.  The rest of it's going to be decals, but here's what it looks like underneath.  The paint was kind of a pain, since I had to use the metallic blue first, with the flames masked off.  The paint was so translucent that I had to lay down several coats to make sure the orange didn't show through.  As a result, the paint was so thick, it wanted to come off with the tape.  So I had to re-cut the flames between the paint and the tape before I could pull the tape off and spray the orange.  Turned out OK.


The rest of the finish work took place as I was installing the operating system, between pushing the 'OK' button of the Windows XP install.

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