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I've always enjoyed building models since I was a kid.  I've built WWII fighter planes, space vehicles, architectural models of buildings I designed in high school, fighter jets, sci-fi models, and cars... lots of cars.  Everything from a 1/32 snap-together Corvette, to a 1/12th scale Lamborghini Countach that cost me almost $100 back in the summer of 1985. 

My first kit was a Monogram Rattler, a street rod, which is no longer produced and is now extremely rare, but I'm on kind of a quest to rebuild all the kits I had as a kid and many more.  Some of my favorite things to build are "movie & TV" models and scale replicas of real cars I've owned (or even some of the cooler ones my friends have had).


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The Bench  
Here's my new work bench, established in Dec 2015 on one of the sections of my computer desk.  It's nice having it co-located with the computer so I can look up various things for reference on techniques and images of the various things I'm building.


On The Bench  
First kit of my 'new era of model building (started Dec 2015):' 1995 Honda Civic VX.  It's a 'tribute' build of my 1995 Civic hatch.  Started with a Hasegawa Honda Civic kit, and kit bashed a later-model Revell Honda Civic 2-n-1 kit for the wheels.  They were close, but not quite right.  I found some more correct wheels on ebay, and 'chromed' them with some Duplicolor Chrome automotive paint.  Took a little bit of trimming with the Dremel to make 'em fit right. Everything was going fine with the Testors Primer and Flat White Enamel - sanding with 1000-grit after each.  Then I shot some Testors Gloss Lacquer over the enamel, and the finish wasn't right - seemed like it didn't lay down right.  No biggee, I was going to sand and polish it anyway.  Wet-sanded with 1000-grit and started in on the polishing with 3M Perfect-It automotive polish, and the lacquer clear-coat softened up and rubbed right off.  Huh... didn't see that coming.  So, I'm at the point of needing to clean off the remaining clear with some isopropyl alcohol - can't wait to see how that goes.

It seems like painting was a whole lot less complicated when I was a kid.

Fast-forward to Feb 2018, I saw a message pop-up on Facebook saying something about Memory from 2 years ago with the picture of the car body next to the chassis.  That's pathetic.

So, I cleaned up the bench area and got back into the kit - I finished up the last 7 pictures worth of work in about 8 hours spread out over 3 days.  It turned out OK... I'm a little disappointed with the driving lights I scratch-built, but they're stuck on there now.  Also, the A-pillars broke, and I trimmed them a little too much, so I'll go back, glue 'em down, and add some filler in the gaps.

Not too bad - my skills need some improvement, though.

Completed Models  
Coming Soon... when I actually get one done..

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