The Cars of Mister 4x4
     Not all things are created equal...


Cars I've owned and some I still have

I've always loved cars, even as a little kid I could pretty much identify what kind of a car was driving by with nothing more than its headlights or taillights in the dark to go on.  I know - I actually did lead a pretty sheltered life, growing up in Utah after all.  My love for cars extended into my hobbies as well, as I would spend countless hours drawing them, building models, working on or making them cooler, or just reading about them from books or magazines.  I was definitely a car guy from the start, as one of my first memories from childhood had something to do with the neighbor's '69 Firebird and my thinking it was a cool car (which it was, of course).

This page is an experiment in blending my 'Car Stuff' and 'Off Road Stuff' pages, so changes will be happening without notice until I get it exactly how I want it.  But for now it's just a collection of the vehicles I've actually owned (or at least claim to have had ownership in), on-road AND off-road.  Enjoy.

The Present
Here's my new project - a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1. Someday soon, I hope it will be my daily driver. One of my Mom's friends from college had a yellow '71 Mach 1 and since I was 14 at the time, it was the coolest car in the world - I knew I would have one of my own someday. Well, here we are - "be careful what you wish for" seems applicable in this case.
Here's my daily driver. I also bought this Ram 1500 online. It's 'only' a 2WD, because I've discovered that I don't 'need' 4WD as much as I've always 'wanted' 4WD.  After 15 years with the '97, we figured it was time for a 'new' truck.
Here's her new daily driver - 2015 Camaro RS.  She picked it out herself after losing the gray LT1 to an accident and is very happy with it.  It's a cool car and a blast to drive - an awesome upgrade from the 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT we had since 2002.
I picked up the Jeep from the Auto Skills Development Center at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas, in March 1995 while my wife was stationed in Korea. I was afraid when I called her and told her that I had ditched my Blazer and bought a Jeep, that she would be upset. But quite to the contrary, she was almost ecstatic, since she really hated my Blazer - another story.
The Past
Here's her new daily driver - 2015 Camaro LT1.  She picked it out herself and is very happy with it.  It's a cool car and a blast to drive - an awesome upgrade from the 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT we had since 2002.
Here's my former daily driver. This is the 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 I bought online in 1999. I loved it and can't imagine how I got by driving the Nissan all that time. I had the Ram for 15 years, before my wife decided I needed a new truck.

This was supposed to be the last truck I would ever own - I was gonna drive the wheels off it, but I caved and got the 2012.

This was my daily driver until I picked up the Mach 1.  It's a 1995 Honda Civic VX Hatchback.  I wanted a small econo-box to beat around in and save wear and tear on my Dodge Ram, and wound up getting this car for only $800 with a blown head gasket (along with some other minor problems).  The car's a trooper and fun to drive, and I anticipate it having paid for itself with money saved on gas within 2 years of purchase. I drove it for just over 3 years and sold it to a co-worker in August 2010.
This was my daily driver til I got the Ram: 1985 Nissan King Cab 4x4. Some would say I didn't learn my lesson with my first Nissan, another 1985 4x4 (Check the Nissan page for the story), but actually I did. Unfortunately, I got to learn a new lesson about a year after I bought it - how to rebuild an engine.

I bought this truck after giving up on trying to fix the First Nissan - sometime around August 1994. My pal Dave and I decided to check it out. Once we popped the hood and discovered the Edelbrock'd 350 and then fired it up - I was hooked. Never mind that it had a major lean, the brakes didn't work for crap, or that the entire front end of the driveline and air conditioning system were in the bed of the truck - I had to have it. Of course, my wife was not happy in the least about this whole deal.
1985 Nissan 4x4. This is where it all began for me - my first 4x4. I learned a lot from working on this truck. The big confidence building was installing the 3" body lift properly - without instructions. I had lost them somewhere before installation. Oh well, it worked out for 2.5 years. Still miss that truck.

This was my first car.  A 1982 Mustang GL - nothing special when I bought, in fact I was convinced that 'GL' stood for 'Grandma Luxury' package.  It had 14" wire-wheel hubcaps mounted on Western Auto white-walls, and the stock AM/FM radio mounted in the simulated woodgrain trimmed dashboard.  The car was transformed into something pretty cool in the short time I owned it... kind of a weird habit of mine.