2012 RAM 1500 Stuff

Bought: December 2014

Engine: 5.7 Hemi V-8
Tranny: 6-sp OD Automatic
Tires: P275/60R-20 Goodyear Wrangler HP
Wheels: 20" RAM Chrome Clad
Factory Limited Slip Rear Differential

Special Features:
Lone Star Edition Trim Package
Deep Cherry Pearl
Gray/Black interior
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Power Steering
Factory AM/FM/CD/Sirius Sound System
K&N Filtercharger
Ironworks Nerf Bars
Factory towing package
Factory optional drop-in bed liner

Things I've done so far:
Factory Honeycomb Grille
AutoGard Vent Shades
Tinted passenger windows
Extang Tuff Tonneau Bed Cover

Future Plans:
JVC double-DIN AM/FM/CD/MP3/Bluetooth receiver
Infinity RS-Kappa 6x9 3-way door speakers (4)
10" Kicker Solobaric sub w/400-watt amp
Hyperchip (maybe) 

2012 RAM 1500 Lone Star Edition Crew Cab

Well, I didn't exactly "drive the wheels" off my '97 Dodge Ram.

I'd pretty much just about finished up my '71 Mach 1, and we'd hit the part of the year where all the stealerships are trying to get rid of their previous year stock so they don't get stuck paying taxes on old inventory.  My wife is throwing out hints that it might be time to think about getting a new truck... I'd only had the '97 for just 15 years - that's all... and I didn't exactly 'need' a new truck either... it was running like a champ.

Well, I caved in and started poking around online - San Angelo is still not a good place to buy cars expecting a good deal.  I was looking for pretty much the exact truck you see here - Lone Star Edition, but in either 4WD or 2WD, and either charcoal gray or the Deep Cherry Pearl colors - it also had to be used... I wanted to keep it cheap and 2012 was my cut-off.  Hey - I really liked my '97, and this was just going to be a newer version, after all.

After a lot of looking around, I found 3 candidates: 2 4WDs in San Antonio, and 1 2WD in Abilene.  Both of the 4x4s had between 50K and 70K miles on them, and were each listed a few thousand over book value - no thanks.  The 2WD in Abilene only had 23K miles and was actually "out the door" priced less than book value - seemed like the best deal to me.  The pics above are from the Car Guru website.

So I got home and asked her if she was serious about me getting a new truck.  She said yes and asked why (knowing that I'd already been looking around since I was asking - can't fool her).  I told her about what I'd found, so that's what we picked (low mileage, low price, great condition, and only 90 miles away).

When I finally decided, I once again called the Credit Union and started the process - they're awesome to work with.  I also contacted Toyota of Abilene and told them their truck was sold.  As I was walking out of the office I asked a friend if he knew anybody that might be interested in a '97 Ram 4x4 with low mileage (only 140K), and he asked if I was selling my truck.  I said yes, and he asked if I'd take what he was offering - after figuring out I would only get about that much or less as trade-in, I agreed - ya gotta hook-up your pals, after all.  He told me it was a done deal and to let him know when he could have it after I was settled into the new Ram.

I got home and told her I already sold the '97 and how it happened.  We figured it's just one of those 'meant to be' things.

Drove up on a Monday after lunch (took the rest of the day off) and spent a little more time there than planned (just paperwork and stuff - not horrible or anything).  I was hoping to drive home while it was still daylight, but we had no problems with deer or anything.  It was awesome - but felt weird... this truck is too nice for me.  I've been driving my '97 for 15 years... "suffering along" with an old truck because I don't know any better, I suppose.  This thing's loaded with everything but Bluetooth... and SO much nicer than my '97, after all.  But it was 'new' and I wasn't sure it was actually mine... just seemed a little too surreal - I'm not used to buying and selling cars all the time after all - I'm not that guy who needs a new car or truck every few years.  I buy one I like and hang onto for as long as I can.

The following Saturday, I took the '97 through the car wash and cleaned it better than it had needed in a long time and rediscovered the awesome truck I'd been driving for 15 years - it really was almost like having a brand-new '97 again - my friend got a Helluva good deal on an awesome truck.

That was back in December 2014, and I've driving the 2012 every day and loving it.  I wasn't sure I was going to like the Crew Cab version, but it's really working out - I've only had a couple people in the back seat so far, but at least I have the option now.  Plus, the space behind the driver seat is absolutely perfect for my Euphonium gig bag and I don't have to hassle with fitting it in through the passenger side like with the '97 - Bonus!

I already went to my favorite car accessory place, Tuff Shine, and picked up some Vent Shades, a soft tonneau bed cover, and had the front windows tinted.  I also hated the extra chrome in the grille, so I found a new one with black honeycomb in the openings, rather than those 'impossible to clean chrome slats.'