2015 Camaro RS Stuff

Bought: September 2017

Engine: 3.6L LFX V-6
Tranny: 6-sp OD Automatic
Tires: P245/45ZR-20 - P275/40ZR20 Pirelli P-Zero
Wheels: 20" factory SS/RS 5-spoke
Factory Limited Slip Rear Differential

Special Features:
RS Trim Package (Umm - "loaded," let's just say)
Red Rock Metallic
Gray/Black cloth interior
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Power Steering
Factory AM/FM/BT/USB/Touchscreen Sirius Sound System
Remote Start
Back-Up Camera
K&N Filtercharger
Power sunroof
Cloth interior

Things we've done so far:
Tinted Windows
Lloyds mats (ebony-plush)
Ebony suede dash mat

Future Plans:
Dunno - it's her car... we'll just have to see what's next 

2015 Chevrolet Camaro RS - dealership pictures.  More to come

Here we go with yet another one of those oddball car stories of mine.

So on a Saturday of the last weekend in August 2017, we're heading out to meet some friends for dinner in the gray Camaro and get T-boned on Loop 306, which totaled 'Francesca,' the 2015 Ashen Gray Camaro LT1 we'd picked up the past March.  That's right, less than 6 months and 650 miles later, it's gone.  Oh well, what can be done?  Find a new car and move on.

Since the gray one did such a good job of protecting us in the crash, and she loved having a cool Camaro, we decided to get another one to replace the loss.  A few days of scouring the 'net (since buying a car in San Angelo rarely goes well for the buyers), we found this awesome 2015 Red Rock Metallic RS in Dallas with the help of her brother-in-law (he'd found it right about the same time we did, but we're crediting him with the assist ;-) )

After coordinating with the credit union and dealership, we took off to DFW in the rental Nissan Sentra econo-box POS the insurance company provided.  The trip was fine until we made it to within 2 exits of the dealership and were stuck in traffic behind a major accident for almost an hour.  Once we finally arrived, we met with the salesman and took the car out for a quick test-drive.  Of course, there's not a thing wrong with the car - it's damn near perfect (except for only having a single key & fob - which we can figure out later).  We should've been in-and-out in about an hour, since the dealership and credit union had coordinated everything, but No - we wound up spending almost 3 hours there, which put us leaving DFW smack in the middle of rush-hour on a Friday, of Labor Day weekend no less.  Yay.

I think I failed to mention that this was also the same Labor Day weekend that some idiot liberal mainstream media outlets in DFW started spreading the story that there was going to be a major gas crunch following Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston and shutting down a refinery.  The refinery was shut down just a few hours for maintenance purposes, but the idiots reported it to be a major outage, which hit social media and went viral, and the next thing you know everybody's freaking out and hoarding gas.  There wasn't any gas to be had in DFW anywhere (along the interstates, anyway), and the crappy little rental turd needed fuel to get back (so much for 'economy').  Great.  So, we head out of DFW hoping the little Nissan rental turd had enough 'economy' to get us far enough out of DFW to find a tank of gas.  We finally stopped in Weatherford, gassed up, and found a Subway for a quick dinner.  Got back on the road just as it started getting dark and got lost in Weatherford on the way out - took almost a half hour to find the interstate again.  Finally made it home around 0100.

Whatta a long-ass day.  But, no mishaps on the trip and we turned in the crappy little Nissan the next day - didn't need it anymore, after all.

After we got home, we transferred the awesome Lloyd's mats and a few other things from Francesca into the new one, and that's where we're at.  Haven't decided on stripes or anything else yet - I think she's just happy with the car the way it is for now.

More to come.