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Here's the latest project I'm working on as of:  9 February, 2006

You know the drill - click the thumbnail to view the big picture (as it were...)

I originally drew this for my pal Michael Webster while I was in high school, way back sometime in 1984.  When he scanned it and sent it to me, I couldn't believe how bad it looked... or should I say, how poor my skills were back then.  I'm going to revisit this one using my computer and drawing tablet.  I haven't drawn anything yet that I've used only the tablet exclusively, so this should be fun.

Click on the images below to see my progress.

29 November, 2005 - So far, so good.  I have a 'pose' scribbled out and an idea of what I want in my head.  I cheated a little and used the mouse to scribble this out, only because I want to keep at this, but didn't have a whole lot of time tonight after band rehearsal - plus, I have to reboot every time I want to use the tablet... or leave it powered on all the time.

Stay tuned for more progress.  I'm thinking I'm going to be taking my time with this one... but more than likely, I'll wind up 'in the zone' on a weekend or late one evening and crank the whole thing out or make some huge progress or something.

25 January, 2006 - OK, so it took me almost 2 months to get back to this.  Sorry Mike... this might take awhile.  But at least I used the tablet for everything this time... except for changing the drawing modes and whatnot.  Time spent: an hour and fifteen minutes.

So our hero is a little more fleshed out - literally.  I added basic muscle structure to the stickman skeleton I drew last time.  I'm not sure I like his proportions - his legs look a little short to me... that or his torso looks really long.  I guess it's OK, but his right shoulder looks a little out of place now as well.  I'll play some more with it next time.  I might cheat and use the transform tool to stretch him out a bit.

9 February, 2006 - So I'm sitting home from work sick.  I hate colds.  But, I've got some time to work on our hero some more.  This phase has me putting together his basic outline and some of the major components of his uniform/costume.  I cheated on the sword, using the straight line, circle, and rectangle tools to keep the edges clean - then copied and mirrored [most of] it for symmetry.  Everything else is the hand-drawn on the tablet.  I can't believe I left that stray mark on his shoulder though.  Today's effort only took about an hour.

If this would've been on paper with my trusty drafting pencils and tech pens, I would've been done in an hour or two.  Using the tablet is getting easier, but it's still tough to get used to the separation of what you're doing on the pad showing up on the screen.  At least it's not like I'm having to learn how to draw with my feet or anything.  Bear with me.

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