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Over the years, I've made a lot of friends that have artistic and drawing skills to share.  The images you see below are part of my personal collection of drawings (using various methods) I've acquired over the years from my friends.

You know the drill - click the thumbnail to view the big picture (as it were...)

  The artwork of David Dietrich
UM Probe.  This is one of the first drawings Dave made with a drawing application called TruSpace 3.  I can't help but imagine that this one was inspired by one of his favorite Sci-Fi series, Babylon 5.  It very much resembles something the Vorlons own.
Flyer.  Here's another 3D rendering done with TruSpace 3.  I'm assuming this little craft is part of the same unit the UMProbe came from.
Fishbowl.  Dave really likes the rendering power of TruSpace 3.  It's an awesome program with lots of features, as he's demonstrated in this drawing.
Sulphur Mist.  This is an interesting planetscape Dave made with TruSpace 3.  The fog effects and skinning ability of the application are incredible.
Temple.  And here's one of Dave's later drawings with TruSpace 3.  It's also good at manipulating perspectives and lighting.  I really like this one and have actually used it as a desktop wallpaper before.
  More to come...

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