The Newer Nissan Truck Stuff

Bought: June 1997
Sold: November 1999

2.4 Liter Carbureted 4 Cylinder
Weber 2 bbl Carb - From a Pinto!
Stock 5-Sp Manual Transmission
Stock Transfer Case
Stock Open Diffs with 3.90 gears
31x10.50 Cooper Discover STT's (Thanks Dave)
15x7 American Racing Outlaw II aluminum rims (Thanks again, Dave)
Rancho RS5000's all around
Scavenged bed mat (Thanks Larry)
Pro Net tailgate net
JVC Digifine AM/FM/CD (rebuilt by me)
Optimus 6 channel Crossover (Hey, it works...)
Optimus 100 watt X 2 Channel amp
GLC 200 watt X 4 Channel amp
Pioneer TS-X 650 6.5" door speakers
Pyramid Super Pro 10" subs
Grant GT 3 spoke 13" Steering Wheel
Custom Bodywork - deer dent in left-rear fender
Monster Pre-Runner Style Push Bar
Redneck Engineered Towing Receiver

1985 Nissan King Cab 4x4

I bought this truck at the suggestion of my wife sometime around May or June 1997, and it's a good thing since about a month later, I blew the transmission in the Jeep and would've been walking otherwise.

I picked the truck up for $2500 and only had to install some new front shocks and balljoints before the truck was roadworthy. I promptly removed the "Redneck Headache Rack and Tool Box mount" from the bed and fired up my buffer and waxed the crap out of it...which made a major difference. The JVC CD player was broken and crammed into the deshboard to fill the hole, I guess. But after a few hours of cleaning and soldering jumper wires across the fried circuit paths of the main board, it worked...whatta deal, eh?

Cleaned up pretty well, I'd say...

About 6 or 7 months after I bought the Nissan, I was driving home from work one night (I worked Swings at the time) sometime around 0130 or so. As I was getting closer to the house, a deer ran across the road. I was in a good mood and decided to slow down and let him go...until I felt this 'THUD' coming from the back of the truck. I couldn't believe it! A Deer hit ME!!. I turned around and drove by where I had gotten nailed and there was a deer crumpled up on the curb...about the size of a Great Dane. Texas deer are pretty much weenies, after all - I guess not everything is bigger in Texas, eh? When I turned around again and the headlights lit him up, he struggled to his feet, shook himself off, and took off across the field. Damn it!!! My Nissan has a big ol' dent in the fender now (of what was a pretty straight body), and that freakin' little deer got up and ran away. And my wife asked me if the deer was OK my dismay. You know, it wasn't going to cost us anything for them to make a new deer. To repair the fender on the other hand...

You can just make out the dent in the picture above - it's that mangled area just behind the rear wheel.

The truck had been going along happily (despite its dent) until last July when the engine blew the head gasket. I didn't think too much of it and took the head off the engine and discovered some damage to the block and the no. 4 piston where the head gasket had blown. Fortunately, the cylinder wall hadn't been damaged, so I proceded to rebuild the engine. I must have done something right because she's still running almost 5000 miles and 10 months later.

I was looking to restore it a bit with the new wheels, window tint and some new seats, and then take care of the deer strike bodywork, but I jumped on the chance to buy my new Dodge Ram. When I found out I was getting the truck, a friend of mine at work said he'd be interested in buying the Nissan from me instead of me trading it in - dent and all. So naturally, I jumped on that, too. The truck is still in San Angelo, and my friend is currently enjoying it with his boys - they play paintball almost every weekend and needed a truck to haul the goodies to the field - so it all worked out.

Before I sold it, I finally got those new wheels put on and actually took a couple of shots of it cleaned up. The first one is at the top of the page, and here's the other one. The pictures were pretty washed out because I shot almost straight into the rising sun when I took them - bummer.

You can see how the truck did on THIS page when I went to San Antonio to go wheelin' with my buddy Dave. My other pal Ron Stevenson tagged along as well...we had a blast.

BTW - Thanks for the great deal on the wheels, Dave.