The Devil's Den - 9 April 99

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This was a quick trip to San Antonio, Texas, where my buddy Dave lives - what a blast! We had to help a 4x2 Mazda truck out of some deep gravel at the start, but the rest was a lot of fun. The first shot is a picture of me holding down the left rear-end of Dave's Toyota, as he was afraid it was going to endo. He probably would've been OK, but I can understand his concern - I could move the whole truck about 3 feet with one hand, much to Dave's dismay. I wouldn't have been surprised if he hadn't sucked up some seat cover before that manuever was finished - and I didn't exactly help with the joking. You had to be there.

That first picture is also very deceiving...if you look under the rear wheel of the truck, you'll notice a patch of blue - that's sky, by the way. Most of these shots are on ground that's a whole lot steeper than it looks.

Look for more of these trips later.