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Welcome to The World of Mister 4x4, me... Eric Hansen. You might wonder why I picked that name, but it kinda picked me. It happened when I went to a local computer store to pick up my first PC and the owner asked what I wanted my E-mail address to be for my customer ISP discount, and I had nothing (an E-mail address can say a lot about you after all). He looked out the window and saw my Jeep with the Mister 4x4* sticker on the windshield, made a suggestion, and the rest is history.

* FYI - Mister 4x4 is the name of a local chain of 4 Wheel Drive shops in Salt Lake City, Utah where I've bought various things for my 4x4s - They used to have a website at this link, but it appears to be gone now HERE

I've been in San Angelo, Texas since 1991, with no plans of moving in the near future (not that I wouldn't like to...).  Since I've been here, I've been heard complaining about almost everything that IS West Texas, from the climate, to the terrain, to the limited job opportunities, all of the Rednecks that live here, to the unpredictable and usually scary weather.  Although I still really don't like it, I can honestly say I'm more comfortable living here - I guess time has worn me down somewhat or something.  Or maybe it's just having finally found myself somewhat of a niche thanks greatly in part to the San Angelo Community Band and Ice House Brass, the Auto Hobby Shop at Goodfellow Air Force Base, and the multitude of people I've met since I've been here.  Even though I gripe about being here, I wouldn't trade the people I've met for anything in the world.  As the Beatles suggest, you truly do get by with a little help from your friends.

Over the years, I've kept this site running and occasionally redesigned the layout of just about all of the pages you'll see here.  This is yet another new look for the homepage... and quite frankly - it sucks. I recently transferred the things you see here from my personal web server under my desk to an online hosted service, and not everything made it. 

Bear with me while I put it all back together and make it better. Enjoy yourself, and come back now and then - 'cause things change... much like the weather in West Texas (if you don't like it, wait a few minutes).

Update: 5 April 2015 - I've gotten some things fixed and updated some pages - check the RIGHT NOW! blog for more details.


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